26 November 2013

Frock, Paper, Scissors 2013

(Pictured: Matt Willms)

Words: Saskia Edwards
Images: Jonathan Rae

The more than 100 students across the Creative Industries who make up QUT’s Frock, Paper Scissors team revealed their latest annual magazine this week.

Their 7th edition is a compilation of editorial spreads, features and lifestyle tips.

It’s come a long way from their 2006 edition (check out the ad for Fridays on page 53 here, all it’s missing is a fedora). In Frock’s defence, 2006 was still during the period of acceptability for rah-rah skirts.

Frock feature writer Matt Willms says since its inception 7 years ago, the publication has grown across many mediums.

“When the magazine started it was just a magazine.

“It’s now a magazine and a website and an Instagram and a Facebook page and a Tumblr and video too.”

Frock, Paper, Scissors has a clear focus on Australia. From features on Australian products and designers, to native plants on their cover and a discussion on Queensland style, it definitely has a patriotic tone.

Matt looks to the future for Frock.

“I see it getting bigger and bigger,” he says.

“I feel that in future Frock’s definitely going to become something that’s bi-annual.”

Frock, Paper, Scissors lives on through its website: http://frockpaperscissors.com/

Disclaimer (FULL DISCLOSURE: The author and photographer have a personal relationship with Matt Willms)

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