24 November 2013

Kalé Studio and Minimalist Design

(Pictured: Christie Morgan wearing Kalé)

Words: Saskia Edwards
Images: Jonathan Rae

Kalé - it’s not a by-product of the #cleaneating #cleanliving phenomenon that’s left Instagram swamped with pictures of emaciated-Lorna-Jane-clad-acai-consuming basic bitches.

In fact, it’s more like the minimalist creations of Donald Judd, Carl Andre and Sol LeWitt have been manifested in four-piece collection.

Brisbane’s Kalé (ka-leh) launched its first capsule collection Equilibrium at The Box this week. Kalé’s creations present a micro-range in an arctic palate accompanied by accessories, a variety of black cowhide leather totes, wallets and clutches.

Kalé maintains simplicity while injecting an athletic aesthetic – almost derivative of a gridiron jersey.

Co-founder Christie Morgan says Kalé is an exploration of austere design.

“We wanted to create a really small collection of garments and accessories focusing on Swedish minimalism,” she says.

Kalé is Australian made, but Christie says their production may move abroad.

“We do everything in house, so it's a good experience.

“But I think next time we'll definitely send it off shore.

“Because we've got a seamstress at the moment and she's just flat out designing all of our stuff in house.”

In the future, Christie says Kalé is looking to architecture and interiors for influence. I imagine with the same minimal glory of Rick Owens and Michèle Lamy’s furniture pieces.

For now, Kalé exists as a refreshing rejection of gaudy 50+ piece collections; Polished, subtle, innovative.

(Pictured: Kalé black leather clutch)

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