14 November 2013

QUT Visual Arts 2013 Graduate Show

(Pictured: Installation by KinleySide)

Words: Saskia Edwards
Images: Jonathan Rae 

I gather anecdotally that to anyone who has studied QUT’s visual arts course, H Block, or as it’s endearingly termed ‘Hell Block’, represents years of work. It has been the centre of great physical, intellectual and emotional efforts. As the three-year course culminates, H Block hosted the graduate year’s final show. From found objects to stripper performance art, the show encompassed a wide range of talents. Here are a few we liked.

(Pictured: artwork by Hamish Hill)

(Pictured: Installation by Ryan Fraser)

(Pictured: Artwork by Natalija Stojanovska)

(Pictured: Artwork by Jacinta Howard)

(Pictured: Artwork by Stephanie Venturato)

(Pictured: Artwork by Steward Worthington)

Disclaimer (FULL DISCLOSURE: The author has a personal relationship with Hamish Hill)

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