5 December 2013

A Look Inside the Topshop and Topman Brisbane Store Launch

Words: Saskia Edwards 
Images: Jonathan Rae

Topshop and Topman are here. They're across three levels in what is nostalgically termed the 'Borders' building' located on the corner of Elizabeth and Albert Street. It's the biggest Topshop in Australia. With Australia a season ahead, it will be used as a testing ground for items before they hit Europe.

But what do Topshop and Topman represent for Brisbane? It could signify the burgeoning importance of the metropolis with international labels taking interest.

Equally, it may well be that Brisbane is turning from small independent stores. With the recent closure of Bessie Head and Dirtbox, the opening of the mega-franchise could show the Brisbane population wants cheap, accessible and fast fashion.

Either way, it's a milestone for Brisbane fashion and only intensifies rumours for what's next; Zara? H&M?

Here's a look at the new Topman and Topshop store.

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