24 February 2014

Zoe Knight at Ryan Renshaw’s Test Pattern Exhibition

Words: Saskia Edwards
Images: Jonathan Rae

By definition, a test pattern is a television signal when nothing is being broadcasted. It’s that frame with multi-coloured stripes that appears in every 90s cliché when something goes wrong on air. But usually, it’s projected when a station is being started up or closed down.

What’s the relevance to Ryan Renshaw’s gallery? Perhaps it’s to do with the startup.

The ‘Test Pattern’ exhibition has launched many of Queensland’s new artists – Kirra Jamison, Phoebe McDonald and Alex Cuffe.

Zoe Knight is part of this select group chosen by gallery owner and curator Ryan Renshaw.

“This exhibition has been going for a number of years and I’ve seen a whole bunch of really great artists be given the opportunity to show in a commercial gallery and essentially sell their works and get their name out,” she says.

“Which is all very important in this industry.”

Zoe’s works are sculpture based, often using raw found materials. Much of the work seems unadulterated – just a selection of objects manipulated and organised together.

“It’s basically just process and aesthetic and just working with the materials to transform them unusually.

“A lot of the time the materials that I chose are linear and can fit in my hands so I can just work with them without having to use other tools.

“It’s much more immediate.”

Zoe is exhibiting along with another QUT graduate and a post-QCA student. Ryan attends all the art school graduate shows and selects the young artists that he is most interested in. Zoe says she uses these other artworks to guide her installations.

“Also working with the space that I’m going to install them in to create an installation that responds to the space around them as well as the other works in the space.”

And the anticipation continues – for these young artists after the test pattern lines have disappeared, what’s next?

Disclaimer (FULL DISCLOSURE: The author and photographer have a personal relationship with Zoe Knight)

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