17 March 2014

House of Cards Label’s Ashiya Omundsen revives Space Jam

Words: Saskia Edwards
Images: Jonathan Rae

With Jeremy Scott for Moschino's 'Spongebob' ensembles, Lil' B digital prints and Rodarte's 'Star Wars' emblazoned gowns, 'Space Jam' could possibly be the most under-appreciated reference in the fashion world.

But House of Cards director and designer Ashiya Omundsen is putting an end to this injustice.

Her AW14 collection dropped at the House of Cards boutique last night and it served as a homage to the film.

Ashiya says she also incorporated concepts relating to 60s sportswear.

"It's sort of loosely based on a Space Jam like galaxy," she says.

"I guess a lot of pieces are inspired by 60s sports uniform type-stuff.

"In my process I kind of take it away from what I'm actually referencing and it morphs into something else new."

Ashiya says once she finds direction, she’s uncompromising.

“I literally don't know why I make decisions.

“I'll just make a snap decision about what something's going to be and then I'll spend six months working on it.

“I become very stubborn about it.”

The Brisbane-based label is stocked by the likes of the Grand Social and Princess Polly.

Ashiya says her success lies in her persistent work ethic.

“I think that people just don't commit to things and that's maybe a point of difference.

“Yeah I work really hard.”

She hasn’t kicked back and relaxed yet. Ashiya’s next collection was already produced before this collection was even launched.

With guys already donning House of Cards’ designs, Ashiya is expanding her next range to include menswear.

“Guys were already wearing some of my pieces from my last range, so I just thought I'd give it a whirl.

“I just always want to be doing something new.”

Check out the store in Fortitude Valley’s Winn Lane to see the new stuff.

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