27 April 2014

Erwin Wurm’s Crap Head exhibition at Anna Schwartz Gallery

Words: Saskia Edwards
Images: Jonathan Rae

The Crap Head exhibition is predominantly comprised of a series of everyday objects. But the objects shown are distorted, manipulated, warped into abnormal forms.

The bizarre shapes the objects take on and the unusual materials used to create them force the viewer to contemplate their purpose. They transcend their original design to perhaps suggest the superfluous nature of many items in contemporary society. In fact, the works point to the deeply rooted psychological, political and physical aspects of human existence.

Erwin Wurm is known for lacing his work with humorous undertones while commenting on the modern epidemics of mass consumerism, complacency and profligacy.

In Crap Head, this concept permeates the exhibited pieces. It’s a meditation on contemporary life and values.

Throughout the Austrian artist’s career, he has constantly questioned the definition of sculpture and proved the fluidity of the art form.

In Erwin’s One Minute Sculptures series he again redefines sculpture. Gallery visitors are invited to create short actions using commonplace items. While seemingly obscure, the creations have symbolic importance.

The One Minute Sculptures concept became popularised when the Red Hot Chilli Peppers credited it for their inspiration in their 2003 ‘Can’t Stop’ video.

It’s part of Erwin’s illustrious career that’s spanned 30 years and included shows at leading galleries, biennales and museums across five continents.

The exhibition continues until May 17 at Sydney’s Anna Schwartz Gallery.


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