3 April 2014

Sans Peur Workshop on dressing without fear

Words: Saskia Edwards
Images: Jonathan Rae

Sans Peur is French for “without fear”.

That’s the mantra of Sans Peur Workshop owner Kelly Sutherland who detests the inherent apprehension society has about looking different.

“Don’t be scared to dress,” she says.

“A lot of women come in here and they don’t want to be seen to be over dressed or styled differently.

“They want to blend in with normality. It’s very frustrating for me. I don’t get inspired by singlets and gym gear.

“Become confident, be yourself. Dress, don’t worry. You can never be over dressed.”

So she started the workshop, the Brisbane retail equivalent of Rick Owen’s inner sanctum.

Kelly says the concept behind the workshop is about “a dark aesthetic with monochromatic colour”.

Basically, the store is a haven for all forms of leather, deconstructed black, white or grey ensembles and tactile layering.

Sans Peur hosts a range of transatlantic designers including AF Vandevorst, Barbara I Gongini, Cinzia Araia and Isaac Sellam.

The store isn’t about fashion, it’s about style.

According to Kelly, there’s a definite distinction.

“I think fashion fads come and go and every season they tell you, ‘wear this colour or wear this heel’.

“Then you just see everybody following like sheep.

“They all look the same, they don’t bring out their own individual style. They don’t tend to be a little bit out there and take chances.”

Kelly’s background lies in modelling.

She says: “From there I was exposed to a lot of clothing and I just found it all so boring after a while”.

She hails from Cape Town, but left South Africa after six armed gunmen entered her house.

“We thought we’re still alive, so the trick is to move while we still can.”

Since being in Brisbane, Kelly has found some inspiration, but a lot of monotony.

“I’ve discovered that there’s a lot of talent, but they tend to stick to the same thing – the same style, the same prints. They don’t tend to look outside of the box.”

Break the mould, find the store on James Street.

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