5 July 2014

Sports Flux: Elvrik S/S 15

Images: Jonathan Rae 
Creative Direction and words: Saskia Edwards
All Clothing: Elvrik

Elvrik SS 15 is all about fluidity, consistency and streamlining. Colours, prints and fabrics are uninterrupted across garments.

It’s a motif that’s distinctively Elvrik. Designer Jordan Anderson has maintained an uncompromising vision that’s characterised by singular colour blocking, classic cuts and comfort.

As Jordan puts it, Elvrik is “easy to wear with clean silhouettes inspired by minimal tailoring and a sporty and contemporary aesthetic”.

In this collection, Jordan has tapped into the trend of labelling with ‘Elvrik’ embroidered or printed onto his accessories. It’s something that’s almost inherent in sports luxe with Nike and Adidas, and even new labels like Verner, using their symbols as an important part of the aesthetic.

The influences behind Elvrik don’t stem from complex abstract ideas. Jordan sees inspiration in everyday encounters.

“I’m also inspired by street style and colour,” says Jordan.

Like many designers, Jordan always envisaged himself in this role.

“I’ve always wanted to be a designer as far as I can remember.

“I thought I would always design women’s wear which is still an interest that I have.

“Although I started designing attire for myself as nothing in the market was exciting me and the rest is history.”

As a person, Jordan is effervescent, driven and resolute. He has such clarity for Elvrik and seems to have a superfluous supply of creativity.

His idea of the Elvrik customer seems to, unsurprisingly, represent his own personality.

“The Elvrik man is an individual who presents himself with confidence and isn’t opposed to standing out in the crowd.”

While wearing Elvrik Jordan wants people “to feel effortlessly comfortable and silently cool”.

Disclaimer (FULL DISCLOSURE: The author and photographer have personal relationships with Jordan Anderson)

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