13 September 2014

House of Ezis X Aesthetic Fixation: Jet Kingdom in film

Watch in HD here 
Words/Styling/Creative Direction: Saskia Edwards
Film: Diego Aquilizan/Jye Wordsworth
Film/Creative Direction: Jonathan Rae
Assistant: Jewel Horton
Model: Wendy Ma

The Heydar Aliyev center in Azerbaijan is beautiful. It’s fluid, seamless, with unbreaking lines.

But despite its fluidity, the structure will always be static. The giant white building will never be active or dynamic - it’s fixed in its hardened form.

This is one of the reasons Andrzej Pytel, father of House of Ezis, ditched his established career in architecture to pursue garment design.

“Architecture was my main design background, but I just felt like I couldn’t express myself creatively so that’s when I shifted to adapting some of my prints into textiles - like my t-shirts.

“And then slowly it evolved into what I do now, which is formal wear. And it’s all self-taught.

“I have no formal training in fashion.”

Andrzej’s design has certainly evolved from its experimental, architecturally influenced origins. Andrzej’s foray into the fashion realm started seven years ago, but he only began to learn traditional methods of tailoring in the last year. 

“Having arrived at that point through my exploration it then allowed me to integrate the way I work and this more traditional method.

“I think that’s what really brings the edge into my work, that balance of the traditional and the contemporary.”

But Andrzej hasn’t completely abandoned his architectural past. His work retains an equilibrium between draping and structure - fashion and architecture. 

“It’s all about the geometry, the way the materials express themselves and being true to the materials, the way those materials interact with the body, the way the body influences the materials to drape.

“So I suppose that’s maybe the main thing that’s emerging out of my work is the relationship between the fabric and the body and the motion that creates the garment.”

While Andrzej’s design aesthetic has developed significantly, he is returning to the pillars of his original model.

“It’s a very special moment in the brand because I’m bringing back a lot of the things I was doing back when the brand was started and it’s a moment where I’m integrating my womenswear and menswear and also the earlier kind of festival-type really heavily printed things and that’s going to be launched under the Ezis brand.”

In about a week’s time, House of Ezis will undergo a renaissance returning to its original name and look - proving not only the fluidity of the clothing, but the label.

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