2 November 2014

Lindy Lee at the UQ Art Museum

Words: Saskia Edwards
Images: Jonathan Rae
Original Artwork: Lindy Lee 

It’s a long reach
Through the words, and time, and thoughts.
The differences.
But eventually a swift blow cuts through the divide,
And we’re all the same.
Emulsified then amalgamated.
The ever-narrowing sea.

Lindy Lee - even her name evokes the romance of east meets west.

And the acclaimed artist’s work creates the same harmony.

Her pieces, particularly her renowned early photocopy work, connect her Chinese heritage with a Western aesthetic.

Lindy’s photocopies seem so timeless because of their subtle intrigue.

They demand contemplation; how a can person look so different, seem so different, with just a change in saturation.

The faces are almost hypnotic.

The audience almost becomes meditative, stemming back to Lindy’s exploration of Buddhist and Taoist philosophies.

Her almost three decades of work is beautiful and enduring.

“Take care with the end as you do with the beginning.” - Lao Tzu

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