23 November 2014

QUT Fashion Graduate Feature: Ke Jiang - Sitsang

Words: Saskia Edwards
Images: Jonathan Rae

Sitsang is the Chinese word for Tibet. And that is the main idea that’s laced through Ke “Flora” Jiang’s graduate collection. From the rich colours to the Tibetan eye motif, the Tibetan theme is clear. This aesthetic is a manifestation of Flora’s conceptual research - the part of her design that she perhaps enjoys the most in her process. I spoke to the shy, but obviously talented, Flora about her design.

What were your inspirations for you collection?

My inspiration came from a city in China... I was inspired by their lifestyle, their clothing style and where they lived and how they lived. And also the colours - like mustard colours, very bright strong red and navy, white as well.

What do you like about design?

I have fun with it, when I’m doing the research part. I can explore the background that I’m really interested in and quite want to know the culture.

How much did your Chinese heritage influence you collection?

In this collection I took how they wore their clothes. It’s really cold there, especially in the winter, so they normally wear really heavy coat and it’s oversized and they just put down one arm and twist the sleeve on their waist so it’s very easy to move and do the housework. So it leaves very asymmetric details that I also used in my collections.

How much as your design changed over the last three years?

I think I have improved much. I was studying in Singapore fashion design just two years then transferred from Singapore to here. So I just studied two years in QUT, so when the first year I was in Singapore I didn’t really know what I wanted to do so I didn’t do too much work at the research part so it’s like the clothing was like 2D things - flat things. 

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