27 March 2015

Quick Look: Chicks on Speed at Milani Gallery

Words: Saskia Edwards 
Images: Jonathan Rae

Chicks on Speed are really about the clash in electroclash.

They’re about a clash of music, fashion, art and feminism.

The ensemble is led by Alex Murray-Leslie and Melissa Logan who come together in a synergy of synthesised Technicolor.

Writer Douglas Coupland described the pair as “living in a post Koonsian world with a curated 21st century lifestyle, where everything is art and everyone can be an artist and even non-art is art by default: a Readymade!”

It all stems from the late 90s when the duo met in Munich as Fine Arts Students. From there their brand of neon multimedia art spawned. It includes their rise in the 2000s as an electroclash band, fashion endeavours and installation art.

We went to their exhibition at Milani Gallery to see what their latest opus looks like - including their Max Kibardin collaboration electric guitar shoe, the e-shoe.

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