16 September 2015

Colour Roll: QUT Fashion Graduates 2015 Exclusive Preview

Photography/Creative Direction: Jonathan Rae
Styling/Creative Direction: Saskia Edwards
Hair and makeup:Alyssa Selin
Assistant: Ren Scurville
Model: Zemira at Que

Opening look: Coat by Hannah Dalglish. Jumpsuit by Maria Luu
Look 2: Top by Rhiannon Thomas. Pants by Isabel Wengert
Look 3: Dress by Isabel Wengert. Pants by Courtnee Mcvicar
Look 4: Dress and turtleneck by Maria Luu
Look 5: Coat and Jumpsuit by Jewel Horton
Look 6: Dress and windbreaker by Alice Waterhouse
Look 7: Shirt by Kate Evans

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