19 November 2015

QUT Fashion Graduate Show 2015 - Menswear

Words: Saskia Edwards
Images: Jonathan Rae

Each year, the QUT Fine Arts Fashion cohort puts on a showcase of the students’ final year work. It’s the culmination of three years of dedication to pattern making, sewing and perhaps hearing the word ‘garment’ in the millions of times. Here’s a look at the menswear collections. It includes Elvrik’s signature boldly colourful looks emblazoned with his logo, ‘Global Citizen’ and, somewhat ironically, braille - given the visually vivid nature of his collection. While Aiden Renata took his cues from cowboys. His muted collection is somewhere between southern belle, La vache qui rit and Marques Almeida. And Tom Summers’ ‘404’ does kind of resemble a glitchy webpage. His fabrics look like a frozen screen in a subtle and beautiful way. Anyway, here’s all the menswear looks at the 2015 QUT Fashion Grad Show MUSE//REFRACTED.

Tom Summers '404'

Jordan Anderson - Elvrik 'Global Citizen' 

Aidan Renata 'Full Cream' 

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