3 December 2015

QUT Fashion Graduate Show 2015 Muse//Refracted - Womenswear

Words: Saskia Edwards 
Images: Jonathan Rae

How can I describe the QUT fashion graduate show? It’s a fairly unique event. Three years of working in such proximity has made an usually close university cohort. And all that work culminates in an event somewhere between a professional showcase and a school graduation. It’s exciting, but also tinged with sadness knowing that this is the end and now they’ll have to think about getting a job. 

The show began with Lou Vicenzino’s monochromatic looks. From there it gradually transitioned from muted designs to more vivid pieces. That included Kat Walsh’s androgynous-Woody-Allen’s-Manhattan collection and Courtney McVicar’s pastel looks dripping in soft leather. It concluded with a splash of hot colour from Alice Waterhouse. So - in an effort to embrace the cheese-ball within me - the end still looks pretty bright.

LouiseVicenzo - Endless Second - Although Changed I Arise the Same

Alice Waterhouse - Rise//Run

Kat Walsh -Grammar - Time
Courtney McVicar - C.L.M - The Protective Layer
Isabel Wengert - L.S.T
Ciele Marshall -CL - What Follows

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